Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scotts Last Expedition

This is the 'Holy Grail' of books, for those like myself who love their garments, iconic old school outdoors-men and the outdoors it's self. 

On January 18th 1912 Captain Scott, along with four fellow explorers, became the first British explorers to reach the South Pole. Along the way explorers endured -40°c temperatures and crippling winds. Nigel Cabourn Authentic Winter 2012 Collection is inspired by the 100th Anniversary of the historic event.

The book is entitled Scotts Last Expedition 1912 - 2012. 
Cabourn teamed up with British printers Potts to create this limited edition (2000 copies) iconic lookbook, to showcase his AW12 collection. For the past six years Nigel has been waiting to launch the celebratory collection to honour the 100th Anniversary of Scotts last expedition. The book is given to those who purchase the Captain R.F. Scott Naval Jacket.

This collection is known as Nigel Cabourn Authentic Limited Edition 2, which follows the success of Limited Edition 1, The Ascent Of Cabourn, in 2003. The collection consists of 12 pieces producing 100 pieces each on the outerwear and 300 pieces on the accessories. Each garment has an individual sequenced number to show the authenticity of the Limited Edition collection. Each individual style is named after an explorer involved in Scott's expedition in 1912.

Cabourn and Potts Printing got this book spot on creating a vintage, worn look. Basing the book on the original Scott's Last Expedition journal, which documents the journey and the explorers who undertook the journey. Archival photos are shown alongside the new collection, showing the garments worn by the explorers, which Nigel's designs are based on.