Friday, 29 November 2013

ACM x BMW | The Importance Of A Well Chosen Car

When you think of BMW cars, you think of quality, luxury and innovative design. We have teamed up with BMW to focus on 'The Importance Of A Well Chosen Car'. Here we take a look at the BMW i3  and we'll see how this model can complement a man, and how it fits into a man's lifestyle.

Moving on now, quite literally into a future generation, here we have the BMW i3. Futuristic in design, mobile and emission free. It's becoming more popular and cool, to drive around in an eco friendly vehicle than ever before. The BMW i3 is the perfect car for the family man, who spends his days whizzing around the small narrow streets of the city. Agile, the i3 offers minimum fuss when it comes to the school run, a trip to the grocery store, commuting to the office or meeting up with a friend for coffee.

As small and compact as the i3 is, the inside is surprisingly spacious. There's plenty of room for a family and enough boot space for your shopping. With BMW's i3 LifeDrive architecture, a whole new world of vehicle interior design opens up, and with a range of different interiors to choose from, you can choose the interior that best compliments you and fits in with your lifestyle.

The i3's dynamic and compact exterior styling, means this vehicle has a very modern look and is ideal in complimenting the modern family man. The short overhangs on the front and rear of the vehicle, makes parking easy, even in the tightest spaces and driving will feel even more effortless with BMW's i3 Navigation system with BMW i ConnectedDrive Services.

With the range assistant, with dynamic range map being at the heart of the i Navigation, you will know what destination you can reach and how to get there. Even when you're not in your vehicle you can stay connected to it, through the BMW i Remote App for iOS and Android. The App gives you detailed information on the status of your i3, battery condition, level of charge and you can also activate the climate control of the interior cabin and the high-voltage battery. Perfect, for those cold Winter mornings.

The i3 is as practical, as it is stylish and full of tech. It's compact yet spacious, has great manoeuvrability and being fully electric the i3 will help save you money, ideal if you have a family. The BMW i3 is a vehicle that will fit into your life quite effortlessly. It's more than just a car though, it's a stylish accessory, a gadget, a lifestyle choice. ACM                                                                                  Sponsored Post

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Meze | 11 Deco Earphones

More than just a bit of tech, these 11 Deco earphones by Meze will surely become your newly loved accessory. Through Meze's pursuit for pure expression through design, these earphones are much more than just an electronic gadget, they are stylish, yet practical.

Elegantly hand-crafted beach wood makes up the enclosure, reproducing crisp but warm, natural sound. There is a microphone on the flexible non tangle cord and your earphones come with three different size soft silicone ear buds and an EVA case for carrying. The 11 Deco has an 8mm Neodymium speaker, a rated input power of 3mW and features a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which means it's compatible with you iPhone, Android and iPod.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SPOKE | Properly Made Clothes That Fit

Introducing SPOKE a new online-only menswear brand based in London. Founded this year by Ben Farren, SPOKE aims to create quality bespoke trousers at a fair price. The inspiration came from Ben finding it hard to find the perfect fit, and decided to go it alone.

Ben quickly turned his ideas into reality by gathering a team full of experienced people around him. Members of his team include designers formerly of Nicole Farhi and Aquascutum, and a veteran pattern cutter with thirty five years experience cutting patterns, managing factories, and everything in-between.

Many clothing labels have to cut back on their size inventory due to large collections, overheads and supplying retail stores. However SPOKE are hoping to cause some disruption by offering five times more sizes than your average label. The aim, is to connect the customer direct with the factories that make their trousers, and create high quality fitting trousers at an affordable price. This is possible due to SPOKE cutting out the retail overheads and middlemen, this also helps to offer the wide range of sizes they do.

Now that we have touched on what SPOKE is all about and what they hope to achieve, it's time to get down to the details. The current range is made up of five Autumn colours, in a premium cotton drill. The fabric is all Italian-milled, the hardware is Swiss, the pocket linings are made from premium English and Italian shirting, and everything is stitched two miles from the SPOKE HQ in Shoreditch, East London.

Evidently quality is important, but the sizing and fit of your trousers is key, and founder Ben Farren knows this -"We know that when we nail someone's fit, we have a customer for life - so we invest in making that happen". That's why SPOKE offer a wide range of sizes, 168 different sizes in fact, and because they manufacture locally, in small batches, if your size isn't in stock, they'll book it into the next batch. The trousers are available in three builds - a trim 'Build A', a roomier 'Build C', and 'Build B', between the two. Waist sizes are available from 30-38", and a leg size of 28-35", including odd numbers too.

It's not just the quality and fit of their trousers, on which SPOKE applauds themselves. Their customer service is second to none. Delivery and returns are both free and they offer a no-question, one hundred day money back guarantee, even on made-to-order products. A pair of SPOKE's is currently priced at £79 and are available from their website.ACM

Saturday, 23 November 2013

oki ni x It's Nice That | Vol.1: Miguel Bento

Oki-ni have let their creative juices flow, by collaborating with 'It's Nice That' to create a series of unique editorials. Oki-ni have come up with these unique and artistic still life shoots to show off their AW'13 products.

Both oki-ni and 'It's Nice That' have a reputation for working with leading creative talent and this project is no exception. These shoots showcase the variety and style of the oki-ni AW'13 product range, along with the creators vision.

Credits: Set - Miguel Bento | Photography - Nicola Litson | Art Direction - oki-ni

Friday, 22 November 2013

Universal Works | Bumper Boot

Universal Works are proud to pronounce their first exclusive piece of footwear to the brand, the 'Bumper Boot'. The first of a series of shoes, the 'Bumper Boot' is based on the classic desert boot but with a white sneaker style sole, which shows Universal Works constant strive to merge heritage styles with modern twists.

The 'Bumper Boot' combines the comfort of a sneaker with the sophisticated look, and materials of a Desert Boot. Using nothing but quality materials, this boot is made from the highest quality Portuguese suede and Italian rubber soles. The boot is available in four colour-ways, with two sets of laces in both cotton and leather. As of all of Universal Works pieces, they are low volume production but exude the highest of quality craftsmanship.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Spencerfield Spirit Company | Edinburgh Gin

Produced in small batches, and packed full of the finest junipers, Edinburgh Gin delivers superior distilling expertise, with a refreshingly Scottish twist.

The Gin starts life in a revered 200 year old Scottish copper pot still, where the finest Scottish grain spirit is distilled in the traditional way, together with the classic botanicals, such as juniper, coriander, citrus peel, angelica and orris root.

What makes Edinburgh Gin so unique and distinctive, are the carefully selected, notoriously soft Scottish botanicals, which are mixed with heather and milk thistle, and added at the final production stage. The gin is finally bottled in Edinburgh at 43% ABV.

Edinburgh Gin has a taste of Pine at the forefront, with heathery scented notes following on. It's a well balanced crisp gin with gingery spiciness and laid back citrus, whilst being clean, fresh and spicy on the nose.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christopher Ward | C900 Worldtimer

Revolutions in time are difficult to engineer but, with the launch of the new C900 Worldtimer, English watchmaker Christopher Ward have created an extraordinary new interpretation of the classic GMT timepiece – and have filed the patents to prove it…

The C900 Worldtimer combines innovation with unprecedented clarity, creating a dual time-zone watch that sets a completely new standard of readability and ease of use. Historically, the worldtimer genre is notoriously difficult to read and interpret – but the skill of celebrated watchmaker Johannes Jahnke has transformed the experience.

His Calibre JJ03 is based on an ETA 2893 base movement with a complication that, by engineering the gearing system to enable both the ‘local’ hand and the GMT hand to rotate at the same speed, makes the dial extremely easy to read.  The two hands use the same 24-hour scale instead of the traditional approach (whereby one using the 12-hour scale and the other the 24-hour one) and this innovation combines the C900 Worldtimer’s unique design with unrivalled clarity of use.

In a further innovation, the C900 Worldtimer uses a window at 12 O’clock as a ‘location reminder’ – displaying the selected 3-letter airport code appropriate to the chosen time-zone.  By simply setting one hand to local time and, via the central crown, setting the second to the chosen global destination, the two times are easily read.  By using the window to display the selected location, the C900 Worldtimer neatly avoids the often-confusing clutter caused by the squeezing of 24 locations onto the face of traditional worldtimers.  Instead, the watch’s 24 time-zone locations are listed in time sequence on the back-plate, using the zone-appropriate 3-letter airport code and city name, while the beautifully modified ETA 2893 can be observed through the 25.6mm crystal window.

For what is a very visually compelling watch, Christopher Ward’s Maidenhead-based design team has created a hugely detailed, multi-layered dial with an exquisitely criss-crossed ‘dimple’ base.  Overlaying this is the familiar silhouette of the world map, with raised meridians of longitude and latitude. A final elegant and creative visual touch is added by the use of a red dot on the map to indicate the selected city location – another patent-pending feature of this unique watch.

The deep blue tone of the dial – representing the oceans – is perfectly complemented by the ethically sourced, luxuriously comfortable, Louisiana alligator strap in midnight blue. Finally, the C900 Worldtimer also carries another Christopher Ward innovation; the new, highly innovative and patent-pending Bader deployment buckle. Named after Jörg Bader, the head of Christopher Ward’s Swiss operation who created it, this high-grade clasp is smaller, neater and much less complicated than the ubiquitous butterfly clasp.

Chris Ward, co-founder of the company, sums up the significance of this extraordinary new watch: “The C900 Worldtimer will enhance the reputation of Christopher Ward internationally and will have the rest of the luxury market watching us even more closely than they do already. It is another huge step in our strategy of bringing technically innovative and striking attractive watches to the market at accessible prices.”

Monday, 18 November 2013

Grenson x END. | Luxury Shoe Care Kit

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, and we would agree. So with that in mind gentlemen, enhance and maintain your trusty pair of Grenson's with this 'Luxury Shoe Care Kit' by one of Britain's most distinguished boot makers, Grenson.

The kit, carefully selected by the lovely people at END. features three 50ml shoe creams, a wooden handle shoe brush, a branded shoe horn and a buffering cloth, all kept together in a natural cotton END. branded drawstring bag.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pavilion Clothing | AW'13 Lookbook

Winter is truly upon us now, and with that in mind, the guys over at independent menswear store Pavilion Clothing, headed off out into the outdoors to shoot their 2013 Autumn/Winter look-book, which is filled with lots of lovely winter warmers from quality labels such as: Norse Projects, Woolrich, Edwin, Red Wing, Barbour and many more.                                                      Photography by: Craig Emilio Griffiths

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Robinson & Dapper | Scots and Danes For Simplicity In Wool

Blend Scottish love of traditional, woolen fabrics with Danish design-simplicity and what do you have?

Robinson & Dapper.

The Scottish-Danish blend of this young company is literal in more senses than one since the woman behind it is a Scot who now finds herself in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark.

Sarah Robinson grew up in a small village called Denholm – about an hour south of the Scottish capital Edinburgh. In this area, close to the border with England, wool is one of the biggest industries. As a girl, Sarah Robinson was surrounded by wool-wearing men and by the many woollen mills in the area known as 'Scottish Borders'. She gradually grew an interest in both designs and fabrics, and started making clothing for herself.

With her long-lasting interest in design intact, Sarah was one day admiring the elegant tie of a dapperly dressed Danish friend. And at that very moment, she got her inspiration: To pair Scotland and Denmark – to create accessories for men in the simplistic style of Scandinavia, but to use the luxurious Scottish wool fabrics she grew up around.

Fast forward a bit and in 2013 Sarah launched the fittingly named 'Robinson & Dapper'. She now gets her fabrics from three different mills in various areas of Scotland – all of them historic mills with international reputations as being among the very best in the world. Each mill supplies only their speciality – one for tweed, one for lambswool and one for simple twill.

The fabrics are shipped across the North Sea and then carefully hand sewn in Robinson & Dapper's workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. Here, rigorous attention is paid to all details in the manufacturing process. The end result is an item of unsurpassed merits – made using some of the highest quality, traditional fabric available in the world.WM                                                                        Post by: Waremakers

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

oki-ni x Nowartt x Master-Piece | Inside The Nowartt Studio

Oki-ni are pleased to announce that they are currently working on another series of exclusive oki-ni x Master-Piece bags, this time with the added help of the Japanese print and graphic design studio Nowartt.

Following the success of the previous oki-ni-orchestrated collaboration between master-piece and Scandinavian label Indigofera Prima, oki-ni thought that it would be a good opportunity to continue and develop the collaboration, this time playing upon the strong print trend that is currently prominent within menswear.

The link between Master-Piece and Nowartt is already well established. The graphic design and print house have created a series of unique prints for their fellow Japanese brand, including an imagined vision of how Santa Clause might spend his leisure time outside of the Christmas season.

For this collaboration, Toyoki Adachi, Nowartt’s Director and Chief Designer, was asked to take initial inspiration from the faux-Martian landscape in oki-ni's AW12 video The Launch. Using this as a jumping of point, Mr Adachi has then gone on to create two exclusive prints that also incorporate recurring Nowartt themes of nature and wildlife.

Here you can see Toyoki hard at work in Nowartt’s Tokyo studio, sketching out, in delicate pencil lines, some ideas that will form the basis of oki-ni's exclusive prints along with other prints within the current Nowartt collection.

The final collaboration will consist of two unique prints across two different bags styles – a backpack and a tote. The prototypes have now arrived at oki-ni and they will be bringing you an exclusive first look at the full range, next week.oki-ni                                                                                          Post by: ok-ni

Monday, 11 November 2013

New Balance | 577 'Rain Mac Pack'

New Balance have created a limited release of their 577 model, named the 'Rain Mac Pack'. There's two colour-ways to choose from, Navy/Yellow or Olive Green/Orange. Inspired by the wet and cold weather the UK is known for, these trainers feature water proof panels along side some suede. Other features include a textured rubberised 'N', a rubber rain drop tongue label, new laces, a speckled mid-sole and a weather map printed insole. 

Made in England, in New Balance's Flimby factory. Limited numbers. Available to buy now at Togs+Clogs.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Project Trade Mark | Limited Edition A/W Collection

Project Trade Mark is an independent label based in the North. The brand was started as an experiment a year ago, and within a few weeks it was picked up in Japan and is now sold at United Arrows, Par Ici klassik and Nanamica. They are currently working on their third collection for the Japanese market. 

The graphic designs are all inspired by the historical marks of old British companies, and all of Project Trade Mark's products are made in the UK, by small independent manufacturers. The people behind Project Trade mark thought it was time to bring the A/W collection which is currently on sale in Japan, back to where it all began, the UK. So for the first time this Autumn/Winter season you can get your hands on the limited edition UK release of their A/W collection, which is made up of simplistic and stylish sweatshirts, t-shirts and totes.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Quba & Co. | Canvas iPad Case

Quba & Co. have just recently launched their new cotton canvas iPad case made from 100% cotton. The case is rather rustic looking and features contrast navy lining and metal and leather stud-and-eyelet fastening. The links to sailing are still evident with subtle tonal Quba branding and a small, pre-aged embroidered pennant.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Perilla | Alpaca Socks

There's no reason your toes should go numb this winter. Treat your feet to some luxurious Alpaca socks by Perilla. Lightweight and warm, these socks offer high performance insulation and come in a wide range of styles and colours from a beautiful seasonal palette. Perilla also offer a wide range of bespoke gift boxes, at different prices, for both him and her. There is the option to choose up to five differing colours and sizes, making this the perfect gift.

Perilla prides itself on producing the most luxurious range of alpaca socks made in England. Crafted using high-grade Peruvian alpaca, Perilla socks are created with an obsession for detail in order to offer the last word in comfort. The socks are produced in four English factories that begin by processing the alpaca fibre into a yarn. The yarn is then dyed before being knitted into socks using traditional methods. No other sock manufacturer in the country dyes such a large quantity of alpaca yarn before knitting and assembling. By doing this Perilla socks are softer and retain a more even and deep colour throughout, therefore never compromising on hues and tones.

Each sock is hand finished with the toes’ seam linked individually. This results in the perfect flat seam, for extreme comfort. This is yet another example of Perilla’s attention to quality and its uniqueness, as this method is barely in existence any more. Perilla use alpaca because the fibre is second only to silk for strength and it’s as luxuriously soft as cashmere, however it is more durable and hard-wearing than both, making it the perfect choice to create luxury socks.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Black Sheep Road | Nature & Shit AW'13 Lookbook

Non-conformist Amsterdam fashion store Black Sheep Road releases it's AW'13 lookbook "Nature & Shit" featuring their unique pick of contemporary menswear brands, like Our Legacy, Norse Projects, Brooklyn We Go Hard, and Hentsch Man.

The lookbook shows the modern-day, urban 'black sheep' on a surreal, escapist journey into nature.

"On a bleak, damp, misty morning he ventured into nature, lured by the omnipresent call of the great wide open and still slightly hindered by the vague memory fragments of the previous nights bender. It was when he rigidly shook his head to get rid of the last retrospect's taht tried to hold back his slowly arriving clarity, that he discovered a new, more profound truth...shit stinks".

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Alan Paine x Cottonopolis | Lambswool Crew Neck

Alan Paine uses the most modern UK technology on the mule spinning system which produces a soft and luxurious lambswool. Their products are knitted from yarn using the finest lambswool from Z. Hinchcliffe and Sons Ltd, spinners from Geelong Australia with a history going back to 1766. 

Cottonopolis have teamed up with Alan Paine to create a subtle and classy collection of medium-weight knitwear, perfect for the winter months. These crew neck jumpers are timeless pieces made from 100% lambswool and feature ribbed cuffs and hem. Made in Scotland, no one does crew necks better than Alan Paine.