Thursday, 6 December 2012


This evening we're giving you an introduction into a menswear brand with a difference, Vidur. The brand is based in London and was founded just after New Year's Day 2012, so they're coming up one year old. Richard who represents one half of the brand was in Iceland at the time , and I quote him when I say this "as always when a new year comes round you look forward as well as back, and ironically I feel this is what our garments represent (contemporary but still timeless)".

Vidur is influenced by the simplistic, fundamental nature of Nordic design and it's emphasis on the durability and authenticity of natural materials, Vidur (derived from the Icelandic word for ‘wood’) design menswear that is elemental, functional and enduring. This drives their design philosophy: a focus on form, fabric and workmanship in order to create timeless but contemporary garments.

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