Wednesday, 16 January 2013

London Collections: Men | YMC AW'13

Those good guys over at oki-ni have been immersed in the world of fashion; catwalk shows, models, designer clad puppies, and believe it or not space ships, the last week. Now the latest instalment of London Collections: Men is behind them, they have kindly shared with us their highlights, to share with you our readers.

The opening sentence of the press notes for YMC's AW'13 show sounded like Fraser Moss might be one setback away from a call to The Samaritans.

"'Dead Inside' is YMC designer and founder Fraser Moss' response to modern culture"

Yet, Fraser found refuge in nostalgic memories of the '90s and his new AW'13 collection is packed full of enough textured knitwear and rich autumn colour to keep anyone happy. The beret was the symbol of the collection, representing freedom, rebellion, and an affinity for lengthy subtitled films and strong black coffee. Indeed, it is this New Wave spirit that Fraser is so taken with, and his collection is a confident realisation of that utilitarian aesthetic.

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