Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Moncler R | Future Heritage

Moncler R arises from the meeting of Moncler and Christopher Raeburn. This collection forms part of the main line and is composed of twenty designs that mix military functionality, Moncler's signature mood and the British designer's characteristic sense of humor.

Moncler R is a total look collection that draws its colours from the archetypal outdoor military palette: olive green, khaki, white and black are lightened with contrasting hints of sky-blue. Unusual combinations of materials such as technical wools and closed-knit cotton fabrics bring an unexpected but functional cohesion to the collection.

Practical details and the Maison's classic components of style, quality and innovation are strictly maintained throughout the collection, while Christopher Raeburn's customized print of Moncler's iconic Duck can be found printed onto the inside pocket of the jackets. 

Available from End Clothing later this week.

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