Saturday, 3 August 2013

Northern Goods Co. | Paracord Key Clip

Northern Goods Co. was founded in 2012, in the North West of England by Mat and Hollie of the fashion, design and lifestyle blog 'Buckets & Spades'. All products are designed and hand-crafted in their own workshop, using materials sourced from the UK and U.S.A.

They have came out of the gates looking strong with their first product, the "Paracord Key Clip". A paracord key fob handmade using 550 Military Grade paracord, imported from the US. The clip features a flat 30mm nickel split ring to hold your keys, or whatever else you might like to throw on there. There's also a trigger snap attached, so you can easy clip the key fob to your trousers belt loop.

There is two different style key fobs, one being the "Shorty" and the other being known as the "Key Clip". The "Shorty" is thinner than the "Key Clip" and also features a different trigger snap. There's a total of seven colours to choose from, Camo, Blue, Kelly Green, Safety Orange, Purple, Red and yellow. These are all available to buy now from their Etsy store.


  1. Thanks so much for the write up Craig, enjoy your Key Clip.

  2. I really like these key chains..
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