Friday, 20 September 2013

Kai D. | Fall 2013 Collection

Kai D. was founded with a simple notion, to create handsome and functional clothing for the artisan minded individuals. Every garment is meant to endure a lifetime of experience: to live and age organically with the wearer.

Kai D. Fan has worked as a design consultant for eight years prior to serving as V.P. of Design for Nautica. He has consulted for Lacoste, John Varvatos, Sean John, David Chu, to name a few. He started his line in 2009 simply because he couldn't find the clothing that are well constructed with high quality materials, timeless designs with understated details, slim fit and yet comfortable for movement.

This winter's collection is inspired by the Terra Nova Expedition led by Robert Falcon Scott to reach the South Pole. Kai D. has been a collector of vintage garments for over a decade. He has found endless inspiration from especially military and hunting gear. Every pocket is meant for a specific function and the construction of the garment is meant to ensure wear and tear. Kai D. has spent a lot of time on the construction and fit to the garments to endure that they are tailored to the body and yet provide mobility. The materials this season include compact wool felt, wool cashmere blend flannel, wax cotton, and soft twill vintage treatment.

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  1. That's quite the hair style! Like the collection a lot and never heard of them until now!