Friday, 25 October 2013

Homeware Picks | No.3

We have scoured the net, to source homeware items that we think are a must have for your home. We have carefully selected these products by focusing on the three sectors we feel are important: quality, design and functionality.

For this homeware post, we have focused on scented candles and diffusers that will fill your room with a refreshing scent. Now many of you gentlemen may be thinking it's all getting a bit girly now... well not really. It's important you guys keep your home smelling fresh too, and not smelling of last nights takeaway.

Here is the four we chose:

1. Laura Ashley - Herb Garden Fragranced Gift Set. Scent of warm sage and camomile blended with the fresh tang of spearmint and apple, this gift set contains a mini diffuser, scented votive candles and uplifting room spray.

2. Murdock London - Avalon Scented Candle. Using their signature Avalon blend of Citrus Oils to create a clean and fresh scent, this premium candle is designed to freshen any room with notes of bergamot, lemon and heather.

3. House by John Lewis - Mini Diffuser Set. 4 x 20ml diffusers, each one has a different scent: Crisp Linen, Summer Rain, Orange Blossom and Black Amber. Modern and useful, these diffusers will fit into any contemporary home.

4. A.P.C - Candle No.1 Cologne. French clothing label A.P.C have gone beyond just creating stylish clothing, with this cologne scented candle, that not only looks simple and stylish but will keep your room smelling clean and fresh.

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