Thursday, 5 July 2012

De Martini Daypack

There are all sorts of theories and claims flying about regarding bike messenger bags but there is general agreement that the man who first made bags for the bike messengers of New York was Frank De Martini. He was born in 1909. He became an apprentice sail-maker at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, then he started his own company (Globe Canvas) making sails, awnings, tents....indeed anything that had to be cut and sewn from canvas. 

There was an article on Frank De Martini in the New York Times, written in 1985. Frank was 76 years of age then and still making his bags. Frank passed away in the 1990's, the small company changed hands and is now owned by a bag making company just outside of New York. The bags are still being made in the USA. They have re-created some of Frank's original designs and also added some new styles.

This is the classic De Martini Daypack. It's a simple backpack with a main compartment (for your cagoule, newspapers and what ever else you want to throw in there) and then there's the smaller front compartment (for your phone, wallet, notebook etc.). It's lightweight and tough, thus making it the perfect bag for commuting and running errands around town.

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