Thursday, 12 July 2012

People Profile | Tom Kennett

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1985, Tom Kennett is one of the newest and most exciting young international accessory designers to burst into the fashion world.

Tom’s first foray into the fashion & business world began around 2001, having started a small urban clothing label when he was just 17. Tom sold his brand’s products from a small online shop and even from the boot of his branded car usually parked up in the local town of Largs. With an enthusiastic, persuasive persona and a unique story, Tom managed to attract the support of many of the local youngsters to buy and wear his hats and t-shirts, also creating a local “buzz” about the brand through sponsorship of local sports events and advertising in local nightlife spots.

Whilst his first venture would not prove to be commercially successful it did create an environment for Tom to understand how fashion products were designed, manufactured and then marketed. More importantly the supplier contacts made from this brief foray & the mistakes made with this line would become harsh yet crucial learning for Tom in developing his future business ventures. Slightly embroiled in the turmoil of his parent’s divorce in his late teens, Tom insisted rebelliously that he would carve his own path in life without pursuing University Education; to the initial disappointment of his parents. Whilst Tom’s parents and family were very supportive of his business aspirations, a number of people had made Tom feel like he was “written off” after his first business had failed – their patronising comments and lack of belief would prove to be strong inspiration for Tom to regain his confidence and start again with a desire to prove his critics wrong through time!

Having had a few years of steady employment, Tom was now free of the debt from his first business failure and decided that he wanted to start a new fashion accessory label this time concentrating on a more luxurious product with a more refined and professional image. In 2008 he launched Kennett. Focusing on Cufflinks and Watches, Kennett is a growing brand that focuses on manufacturing luxury accessories for men and women. 

The brand has been a success to date with many stockists around the world selling the Kennett brand, as well as their online store. There's also been an interest from celebrities, with many famous faces been pictured wearing Kennett timepieces. Tom has shown great progress in a short period of time and is definitely one to keep an eye on and look out for in years to come.

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