Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bucks & Co. | AW'12/13

New luxury UK brand, Bucks and Co, aims to bring hunteresque style to the forefront of the fashion arena with the launch of their new premium collection inspired by traditional hunting wear.

Bucks and Co’s collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 is an exploration into the intricate details of traditional hunting apparel, highlighting key hunting features such as the bullet holder pocket, traditional elbow pads and functional hunter fastenings. A balance between a casual and tailored fit has been achieved within many of the key looks combining understated and stylish detailing to attain a high end result. The use of innovative colours, textures and fabrics means that Bucks and Co have pushed the boundaries and have made a powerful impact within the luxury market.

For Bucks and Co it is important to have something challenging, interesting and different to say. Viewing the world as a hunting ground; Bucks and Co seek to stand out from the crowd through the use of new styles and campaigns each season that showcase the ultimate in trend and product advancement. This season’s campaign showcases HyperBlue, an innovation in denim treatment and styling.

Within the ‘HyperBlue’ range the fabric used is more rugged, more robust, and is submerged into baths of pure indigo up to 20 times to create a colour lock which is bold, strong and uncompromising. Each style is expertly designed to reflect elements associated with traditional hunting apparel, whilst promoting a premium look for the urban landscape. The campaign features the Modern Hunter adorning a pair of jeans so blue (or HyperBlue) that the colour leaves a lasting imprint, a splash of colour on the ground where the Modern Hunter stands.

Bucks and Co aims to define the ‘Modern Hunter’ as a target consumer. This gives a fresh and contemporary spin on the hunting influence taken by the brand. The Modern Hunter is considered sharp, well dressed and well in to living and loving the carefree life. Viewed as a wear-it first style seeker, the modern hunter will pay a premium to be the first to wear a fresh new look, combining the latest labels with old school and sports classics, whilst integrating both Indie and British heritage brands.

Within the range, additional key products to look out for include tailored shirts in jewel shades and a structured gilet. Denim is a major feature of this collection and is a crucial element of AW12 trends, Bucks and Co have embraced this area, and have applied their expertise to create three classic fits.


The slim fit skinny jean, for those cool enough to get away with it.


The must have tapered leg shape for trend setter, not followers.


Classic low rise comfy fit, for the lounge lover with a relaxed take on life.

The collection shows the high level of workmanship employed by Bucks and Co to create styles of a premium design. The brand is set to become a major name within the luxury field using original shaping and high quality fabrics to create a modernist look.

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