Saturday, 22 June 2013

Antica Cartotecnica | Vintage Pencils

One for you stationary aficionados today. A wonderful Vintage Pencil Set by 'Antica Cartotecnica'

The set includes a variety of five vintage pencils dating from the early 1940's all the way to the late 1960's. They look really interesting and beautiful housed in a folder which is made of vintage cardstock, that is an impressive 50-60 years old. Each set is unique, consisting of a random selection of pencils from countries like England and Czechoslovakia, and made from manufacturers that include Cumberland Pencil Co. and L&C Hardmuth. Most pencils in the set are standard No.2/HB grade.

You have to appreciate quirky, quality products like this, and it's good to see that these old pencils aren't just getting thrown away, but used in such an artistic way, if you like. If you can find a use for these pencils that's great, but they are rather intriguing the way they are and may also look good in a frame for everyone to admire.ACM

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