Saturday, 29 June 2013

Homeware Picks | No.2

We have scoured the net, to source homeware items that we think are a must have for your home. We have carefully selected these products by focusing on the three sectors we feel are important: quality, design and functionality.

For our Homeware Picks No.2 we have focused on well designed, handmade wooden shelves by some great artisan designers.

1. Olivier Dolle Tree Branch Library - This rather big tree branch design bookshelf is ideal if you have a large wall to fill. It's the work of Paris based artisan designer Olivier Dolle. The shelf is a hollow structure of multilayer birch veneer oak wood.  There's two colours available, Colourless Oak or American Walnut.

2. Chuck - Natascha Harra-FrischkornThe Chuck flexible shelving unit is by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn. It's a rather artistic piece of furniture that is also functional. Made out of plywood and brushed stainless steel means that it's flexible and stable. At first glance it's just a board on a wall, until you start playing around with the flexible 4 mm thick boards to change it's shape and make room for those favourite pieces.

3. Knife & Saw - The Bike Shelf - Keep your bike off the floor and out of the garage with this elegant shelf. There's a lot of imitations out there but this is the award-winning original by Knife & Saw. Hand made in San Francisco. It's a strong and sturdy shelf that will hold your bike and whatever else you want to put on there. Available in Ash or Walnut.

4. Amy Hunting Blockshelf - This handmade wooden bookshelf is by Amy Hunting. Using a knot traditionally used for sailing and fishing ,you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble. It can easily be put together again. The wood is collected from a local timber importers waste bin in London and consists of over 20 sorts of untreated wood.

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  1. I'd love to get a bike shelf, I featured one on my blog a while back and it's never left my mind.