Sunday, 14 July 2013

Campbell Cole | Utility Tote

This spacious 'Utility Tote' bag by UK based Campbell Cole, is a high quality product that will fit into your daily life, quite effortlessly. It's big enough to fill with everything you could possibly need for a day out plus a little more. 

It has numerous, useful pockets, including a secure zip pocket inside, and large, easily accessible outer pockets. It's unlined, but that's not a problem, because this tote is made from stiff technical acrylic canvas which is water and fade resistant. The nature of the canvas means that it will develop distinctive creases and softens over time. 

Inside, the seams are bound with contrast grosgrain tape. The leather handles and trims are made from a waxy veg tanned leather that will age beautifully. The Riri zips are of the highest quality and world renowned for their durability. Made in Somerset, England.

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  1. I love a good tote, they're so handy. Something quite liberating about carrying one, in a funny way.