Thursday, 5 December 2013

ACM x China Tour Advisors | 5 Steps For Planning Your China Trip

No.1 Decide Where to Go in China
On your first time visit to China where you want to go will depend on your interests, who you're travelling with as well as on how much time you have. For most people the first trip will include the classic sites such as: Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an and of course the Karst scenery of Guilin.

Most used itinerates for first time visitors:

No.2 Decide When to Go to China
Going to China can take you to a number of different seasons or temperatures or altitudes depending on your travel plan. research the weather, there are definitely better times and worse times to visit China in terms of temperature and how to avoid domestic travel peak time.

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No.3 Decide How Long You Want To Stay in China
How long you decide to stay in China is entirely up to you. we do recommend a combined 10-12 day trip with the addition of Shanghai or Hong Kong. For those who prefer a longer stay 14-15 day trip is also ideal.

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No.4 Travelling With Children
China is a perfect destination for a family vacation with numerous popular family tourist attractions. beyond the Great Wall and Giant Pandas our family tours offer activities such as Kung Fu taster classes, cooking, cycling in the countryside, and kayaking with exquisite countryside scenery. These are just a few of the exciting activities we have on offer for children.

Most popular family tour packages:

No.5 How Do You Want to See China?
If you've been to China before but are in search of a new way to explore the fascinating cities we have the packages just for you! our latest-speed train tours, sidecar tours and our amazing Great wall helicopter tours!

Best packages for out the ordinary experiences:

Our brand new Private Tour Section is launched for China tour inspirations and better travel planning. For more information go here.

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