Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Gift Giving | Julian Ganio

There’s been something of a Julian Ganio take-over at oki-ni. Following his superb STYLED and behind-the-scenes video, oki-ni asked Julian to share his take on 'Gift Giving'.

As Fashion Editor of Fantastic Man and an acclaimed stylist for the likes of Agi & Sam, i-D and others, Julian makes a living from his keen eye and appreciation of aesthetics. Who better then to guide us through the social minefield of festive present buying?

What, for you, makes the perfect gift?
Something thoughtful, caring and sentimental.

What’s your gift buying policy: research or instinct?
Gut instinct… always… this usually works well for me.

Tell us about the most memorable gift you have ever received?
My best friend Emmanuel Katsaros (a handbag designer) made me a woven-leather, checked duffle bag for my last birthday, which is also named after me - the 'Ganio'. This was a very sweet and lovely gesture!

Are there any gifts to be avoided; for example, where do you stand on socks?
I think it wouldn't be Christmas without the sock giving and receiving… I normally end up with a load of Paul Smith ones. Almost all joke gifts are pretty rubbish and could be done without.

To read more on the 'Gift Giving' interview between oki-ni and JulianGanio, head on over to the oki-ni blog, here.

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