Sunday, 26 January 2014

Film | Brandy & Coke

Ewen Spencer is a Newcastle born photographer of primarily youth and subculture who is based in Brighton. In the late 90's Ewen immersed himself in the Garage scene at a time when the underground movement was really picking up pace and documented it through photographs. In 2013 Ewen launched his hardback publication called 'UKG', which holds a collection of photographs documenting one of the UK's most famous and loved movements. With some really intimate shots the photography in this book will no doubt bring back memories for those who were there.

As well as his book Ewen directed this short documentary film to show what the whole Garage scene was about and what it meant to be apart of it. The people, the fashion, the music. 'UKG' is available to buy now from Ewen's online store.

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