Thursday, 7 November 2013

Perilla | Alpaca Socks

There's no reason your toes should go numb this winter. Treat your feet to some luxurious Alpaca socks by Perilla. Lightweight and warm, these socks offer high performance insulation and come in a wide range of styles and colours from a beautiful seasonal palette. Perilla also offer a wide range of bespoke gift boxes, at different prices, for both him and her. There is the option to choose up to five differing colours and sizes, making this the perfect gift.

Perilla prides itself on producing the most luxurious range of alpaca socks made in England. Crafted using high-grade Peruvian alpaca, Perilla socks are created with an obsession for detail in order to offer the last word in comfort. The socks are produced in four English factories that begin by processing the alpaca fibre into a yarn. The yarn is then dyed before being knitted into socks using traditional methods. No other sock manufacturer in the country dyes such a large quantity of alpaca yarn before knitting and assembling. By doing this Perilla socks are softer and retain a more even and deep colour throughout, therefore never compromising on hues and tones.

Each sock is hand finished with the toes’ seam linked individually. This results in the perfect flat seam, for extreme comfort. This is yet another example of Perilla’s attention to quality and its uniqueness, as this method is barely in existence any more. Perilla use alpaca because the fibre is second only to silk for strength and it’s as luxuriously soft as cashmere, however it is more durable and hard-wearing than both, making it the perfect choice to create luxury socks.

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