Thursday, 14 November 2013

Robinson & Dapper | Scots and Danes For Simplicity In Wool

Blend Scottish love of traditional, woolen fabrics with Danish design-simplicity and what do you have?

Robinson & Dapper.

The Scottish-Danish blend of this young company is literal in more senses than one since the woman behind it is a Scot who now finds herself in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark.

Sarah Robinson grew up in a small village called Denholm – about an hour south of the Scottish capital Edinburgh. In this area, close to the border with England, wool is one of the biggest industries. As a girl, Sarah Robinson was surrounded by wool-wearing men and by the many woollen mills in the area known as 'Scottish Borders'. She gradually grew an interest in both designs and fabrics, and started making clothing for herself.

With her long-lasting interest in design intact, Sarah was one day admiring the elegant tie of a dapperly dressed Danish friend. And at that very moment, she got her inspiration: To pair Scotland and Denmark – to create accessories for men in the simplistic style of Scandinavia, but to use the luxurious Scottish wool fabrics she grew up around.

Fast forward a bit and in 2013 Sarah launched the fittingly named 'Robinson & Dapper'. She now gets her fabrics from three different mills in various areas of Scotland – all of them historic mills with international reputations as being among the very best in the world. Each mill supplies only their speciality – one for tweed, one for lambswool and one for simple twill.

The fabrics are shipped across the North Sea and then carefully hand sewn in Robinson & Dapper's workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. Here, rigorous attention is paid to all details in the manufacturing process. The end result is an item of unsurpassed merits – made using some of the highest quality, traditional fabric available in the world.WM                                                                        Post by: Waremakers

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